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I started Weather Gauge LLC, a professional captain service specializing in over-water yacht delivery. I delivered both sailing and power yachts anywhere between 30’ and 65’, and I ultimately began subcontracting to a growing list of licensed captains.

After the birth of my son, and after four year’s operation, I chose to temporarily close down Weather Gauge (until he is old enough to throw a dock line).

Words of wisdom: Entrepreneurial optimism will get you through the hard times, but it shouldn't be a replacement for thinking hard about what it will take to meet your goals. DEFINITELY start with the end in mind. Ask, "What do I want to get out of this?" (sell the company for $1 million in 10 years). Then work backwards (What would sales need to be in order to sell a company for $1 million? How many products would I need to sell to get that much in sales? Are there enough people in the market to buy that many products? How many employees would I need to sell that many products? How hard would I have to work?).

Business plans: I made the mistake of writing up a detailed business plan before I even started. I used sample business plans at These are helpful, but your initial business plan should be a page or less, and it should be based on the exercise in "Words of wisdom" above. The only reason to do any more work than that is for brownie points with a loan officer.

If you’d like to learn more about my venture, my corporate website is still intact at

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