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I took French all through High School, and I keep from losing it completely by traveling to French-speaking places. I speak much more fluently after drinking. In fact, my best French was spoken to a police officer in Port Grimaud at 3:00 AM. Our boat was too noisy, and I THINK I told him that I thought we were docked far enough away from the condos that they couldn't hear us. I ended with "Nous arretons maintenant," and that seemed to work.

Before we went sailing in France I listened to CD's during my commute to work, and I actually read "Around the World in 80 Days" in French, constantly referring to my dictionary.

For our recent trip to Martinique I religiously did lessons with Rosetta Stone every night. I may be getting too old to become fluent, but it was a huge help.

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B_Rye wrote: Jul 15, 2008