Take the Polar Bear Plunge in Jacksonport, WI      
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UPDATE: 1/1/09 I did it again! And this time I dunked completely under!

As we made our way to Jacksonport the day before, we looked out at the fog over the lake and we knew: Mother Nature was pulling all the heat She could out of the water. She wasn't going to make it easy on us.

A few people from our group took photos & I'll post these as soon as I can.

1/1/08: I did it! http://www.doorbell.net/pbc/yr22.htm

It was MUCH easier than I thought. The adrenaline of hundreds of people rushing to the water made the cold just a peripheral sensation (hmmm...I guess it does feel kinda' cold). Luckily I followed the suggestions from the web site, and I wore shoes into the water. I also had dry wool socks and boots ready for me back on shore. Some crafty devils had coolers full of warm water, and they simply stood in their coolers to warm back up.

I jumped in, waded out, and stayed in longer than a lot of people, but veterans of the event pointed out my dry hair. Apparently it only counts if you dunk completely under. Well, there's always next year...

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