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Our son, Finn, was born in January of 2007. He came a month early, and he surprised all of us when Kim's water broke in Barnes and Noble.

Kim's List: http://www.reaperlist.com/profile.php?usid=1001012&user=wiki

I had dropped her off and was at a meeting at the time, and my cell phone was turned off...By complete coincidence her sister and nephew walked in to do some shopping, so when I got back from my meeting I was annoyed that she was nowhere to be found. I walked to the stores next door...nothing. Then it hit me that my cell phone was out in the car. I picked up the phone and there were 8 voice mail messages. Uh oh...

Labor lasted 11 hours, so there was plenty of time for me to figure out what happened, stop at home for the previously-packed "grab bag," and get to the hospital. Kim's sister has four kids and this was our first, so I was happy she was there with us for the delivery.

He was born a month early, so he only weighed 5 lb. When he was born he looked up at me with his dark blue eyes, and I'll never forget it. But soon he started grunting as his immature lungs started working too hard. The NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) staff was waiting, and they took him to the unit for oxygen and nutrition.

He was in the NICU for 11 days, but gradually he started breathing for himself, then he started digesting milk properly, and his liver started removing billirubin by itself.

On the day he was born, his future nursery was a completely gutted room in our house. It still needed drywall, plaster, paint, and the floor needed to be refinished. Oh yeah, and the main stairway to the house was being rebuilt, and it was completely taken apart. We were NOT ready!

He's a great, happy kid, but he still has trouble sleeping through the night. I love my boy, but I've also aged ten years in the past two years.

Update 1/18/09: He turned two yesterday!!

Update 3/14/10: Eleanor "Nora" was born! Healthy! Loud crier!

Update 11/2/10:

If you have friends who seemed to change dramatically when they had kids, it isn't because they became self-righteous or because they don't value friends anymore. It's because they are TIRED!!!

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