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I would like to find a non-profit organization that is local that helps kids with no toys. I know tons of people including ourselves that have closest full of toys that our kids have outgrown. You can give them to friends, sit on them, give them to St. Vinny's or Goodwill, etc...where they then sell them or give them. Some people rummage sale them which is silly because instead you could donate them and get a tax right off, which probably IS greater than the .25 at the garage sale. It would be great to get people (including neighbors, local area) to get kids together (young kids) to go through toys, find stuff they don't use anymore and have them be able to give direct to needy kids with nothing. Would only want done in immediate small town and duplicate around the county, state, etc...This would teach the right thing to kids and help at the same time....

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Crunchy Bread wrote: Feb 11, 2009
In my town, the YWCA is a major resource for women and children with needs. You're right -- they're always looking for donations, and good toys are especially hard to find.

If you were to round up just the toys you and your friend's kids don't play with anymore and bring it down, I'm sure they'd feel like they got a windfall!