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At Lambeau Field!

I have an Xtracycle with several attachments.

I'm confident I can carry a cooler full of beer (or a quarter-barrel?), a bag of charcoal, and a collapsable card table. I'd like to custom-mount a charcoal grill to the deck and carry that as well.

Check it out!

I'm especially proud of the bottle opener and bottlecap catcher on the back.

I'd love to get a big group of creative cyclists to go to a Packer game loaded for bear and ready to tailgate. With a few more Xtracycles in the mix we could have a feast as lavish as any group of SUV's!


I'd call this partially done, because we had a bicycle tailgate party, but everyone except Kim and me DROVE CARS!

The grill lit up easily, providing much-needed warmth on this late November day.

Turnout was great, and we attracted curious passersby as well.

The beer went down too well, but given the Packer performance that was probably a good thing!

Update January, 2011: Had another bicycle tailgate party for the Packer Bears game!!! THAT was a key game to be at!

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reaperjon wrote: Apr 27, 2011
This is best when it's 8 degrees and the wimpy bears are in town