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Start a family by having children, or rather a child.


This activity has been completed! When my wife and I first got married I wanted to have kids pretty bad and she never wanted to. We where pretty young so I am glad that we waited a little bit. I got use to this idea and started to embrace my live style and always being on the go.

The tables had turned and my wife wanted to have a child and I was forgetting the idea of having a family larger than 2. She wore me down and eventually got her way which I am glad she did. It has brought so much happiness to us.

Having a child has also changed my perspective on life a little. My wife and I changed our spending habits just a little and have structured our portrait studio to allow for one of us to always stay home with our boy Drew. I am really glad that we don't have to use child care for Drew. I sometimes like to say I am a "stay at home Brad"

We split the time 50/50 for work time. We make a little less money right now but I know that I couldn't buy that time back for all the money in the world.

The time goes by so quick too. I was forgetting some of the fun things that happened on a day to day basis so I started a Blog on one of my websites. I post almost everyday using the WordPress app on my iPhone. I upload photos from the iPhone which are crap to my standards but I would rather have a crappy photo than none at all.


You can follow the link to read the Blog if you like. www.bradthalmann.com/blog It is nice for my family to read as they all live in different towns around the state. The real purpose of the Blog though is to download each year and print to make a journal for our son Drew. I think it will be neat for him to have to see all the little things that have happened in his life to help shape the way he turns out. (Hopefully we will be good parents and he won't be reading it in prison!)

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stylisheuropean wrote: Sep 30, 2011
Aww thats an adorable story. im very happy for the two of you. :-) It must be nice to acheive this goal and share lifes joy with the lil guy.