selling my arts and crafts (mainly knitting and handsewing)      
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right another of my hobies isknitting and sewing mainly for friends but in my last job (i was paid off 2 weeks ago coz business is slow and imthe only non family member of staff) i mae and sol handknitted baby hats etc and they sold quite well. now the local wool shop has taken some of my stuff off me and have agreed to sell them so am like your proverbial granny knitting away day and night. everything i make i post on my bebo page ( if you fancy a look, some of my handcraft stuff is a little quirky like me but people like it so hopefully i will be able to make a wee bit of money whilst i search for another job.

another update!!!!
looks like my business dream will be a reality soon. decided to set up a crafting community with the initial objective of holding regular fairs. in less than a week (3 days actually) have 7 ladies interested in joining and we will hold a wee gathering in aweeks time to discuss how we will set about getting this off the ground!

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