Way up North to Alaska      
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I just recently heard the most amazing story. I currently work at the non-profit, MDA (muscular dystrophy association), and to-date, it has been an amazing experience. Raising money for kids to live a better life is rewarding.

Recently I had a long conversation with someone who lives in the Upper Penninsula. He is the father of one of our clients and he started talking about his experience with the Make a Wish Foundation. The foundation sent him, his child with muscular dystrophy and his wife to Alaska for 3 weeks - and they got to drive!

His story gave me goosebumps from the sights on the drive up, the kindness of the foundation, the generosity of the hotels to provide free accommodations, and the list goes on and on.

Over the years I have heard stories from friends and family about the nearly \"indescribable\" experience going to Alaska is. It is amazing even if you don\'t drive the entire way up there.

Yearly I dream of warm vacations. Icy cocktails. Bronzed skin. But, under it all, I also dream of a visually over-stimulating trip...\"way up north to Alaska.\"

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shannon*alaska wrote: Nov 3, 2009
I live in Alaska and I think it is a place that everyone should travel once in their life. Its beautiful with the mountains and ocean and the summers are the perfect temperature! They have one day glacier cruises, one day whale watching cruises, or one day animal cruises (you'll most likely see otters, seals, and maybe a few whales!)

Africancrab wrote: May 5, 2009
My dream exactly. I have long wanted to go to Alaska and actually take one of the many cruises that I only see on TV and hear others talk about.