Polar Plunge brrrr!      
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Oh good lord. This was CRAZY.

In Milwaukee, as in many other random cities throughout this wonderful state of Wisconsin, crazy people bare their pasty skin and throw on a swimsuit to jump into LITERALLY freezing cold water.

Being a first-timer, we strolled on over to a less population portion of the party (and we were late) to partake in our own little celebration.

Off went the hat, scarf, mittens, boots, socks, long underware, jeans, sweatshirt and jacket. There we stood in basically nothing.

I felt like I was going to die. Freeze up into a little ice cube and float off into Lake Michigan with the others. But I did survive. It is so cold you can't even think or breath. Hyperventilation sets in and you get out. It's over.

Well, not really. While freezing, you have to fight to get your clothes back on. The frozen sand sits stiff under your feet. Your toes are seriously freezing. Your hair is frozen. The only thought left is "all I want to do is go home, take the hottest shower ever and lay under blankets all day." Which is pretty much what I did.

I think my toes are still freezing, 3 years later.

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