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Completed! I was still very much in love with my husband at the time of his death. Trying to complete his bucket list has made me think about my own. There was a time when I didn't think this one would ever happen.


he was never easy, but always worth it. he taught me to laugh again and stretched the limits of my devotion at times (as i know i did to him) but we always went back and fell in love again. in every picture of the two of us together, you see us laughing - hard.
> his ashes sit on the mantle, in a beautiful wooden box. i love to touch it because it is warm and solid, like he was. the african violet sitting on the sideboard in the dining room paralell to where he fell suddenly started blooming vigorously right after his death and has been almost continuously in bloom since then. i planted the easter lillies from his memorial service in the front yard, and they have sent up new shoots and are about to bloom again. it may sound corny, but i believe he is reaching out from wherever he may be to let me know that he is in a good place.
> i will take some of his ashes to ireland, which he always wanted to see, in july. i have been busy getting the house in order and trying to be a credit to his memory.

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