Ski in Crested Butte      
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I didn’t get too many photos. Unlike my old Olympus, this little compact camera doesn’t like looking at the sun. Check some of them out:

Notice the *huge* number of people on the mountain!

Took this shot of the town of Crested Butte from the Silver Eagle lift.

Ironically, we walked past this bar every day, but somehow we never wandered in.

After Jason and I took the chair up, we glanced down tecalli bowl. Looks kind of fun in retrospect. We were intimidated by the hike out. We ended up working down the ridge near the left of the picture and dropping into the rocky bowl.

This is the front side bowl off of the t-bar. This is the bowl that Jason decided it would be safer to ski down through the trees. Because a wide open bowl is much more dangerous than the steep tree’d ridge on the right.

Izzy’s breakfast café.

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