go to Le Bec Fin in Philadelphia (elite restaurant )      
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joined "The Single Gourmet" went there and also to a lot of other lovely places... they have chapters in many major cities! TIP 1: LADIES if they tell you there is a waiting list for you - they mean there is currently 3-4 ladies for each man... so find any willing guy friend or ex-date and tell the Single Gourmet you have found a guy who wants to come to the event, his name is Joe Twinkle and this is his phone number... and now you AND a girlfriend should get in - ahead of the waiting list. TIP 2: In many cities there is a yearly membership fee... for men this is often ignored - since they are in such high demand. for women you should at least be able to try 1 event without paying the membership fee... 2 or more events if you seem on the fence or have a lot of male connections. TIP 3: ok so 3-4 men for each lady seems like a lot but... you are there for #1 the restaurant #2 the socializing #3 to show off the outfit and handbag (go vintage) #5 make friends #6 maybe find a man…. Finally I will add that the age range is generally a little older… BUT I started going when I was 28… so just go and see who’s there and enjoy the experience!
PS THEY ALSO TRAVEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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