hug an elephant, play with baby tigers, pet a owl, hold a chimp      
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take the full tour... and yes some people do go solo - which I think it totally cool - but I would try to go in the spring or fall when there are less kiddies (ugh) and tell them you want photos of you enjoying, and interacting with, the animals... not a ton of you smiling at the stupid camera - it will look less cheesy on your desk, like you went on real safari, not to the Shopping Mall for that tiger photo they also do! I know it's crazy expensive ($250ish per person + $100 for the photos - their staff take them) but soooo worth every penny. the stuff we did was insane... the several baby tigers climbed all over us tried to eat our shoe laces (you sit in a big group and they let them loose to run around... with also another baby animal)... the elephant scared the hell out of me when he ate a carrot out of my hand but he was ok - I petted him and he flapped me with his ear and sniffed me with his trunk! (they bring you separately over to the elephant for a photo - take your damn time, pet him and do whatever then if you are an elephant person) we gave a chimp a drink box of chocolate milk (guest sits on their own bench and the trainers bring an assortment of chimps around for photo ops... don't get a lot of real interaction here)... there was even this itsy bitsy baby monkey the trainer was walking around with in his pocket (not for us to touch)... there were also lots of big scary tigers and other cats to see that they keep at the absolute minimum distance for photos... and some other animals that you get to touch... just a awesome experience!!!
try to go when it is not HOT and the kids are still in school (there is a minimum age limit - they don't want toddlers there)!!! it was a sweltering humid 90+ when we were there... the animals are kinda tired and wilted when it is that warm.

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breathingone wrote: Jun 28, 2011
sounds awesome!