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Would like to do a day training and shoot some caps in one of those paper dudes chests! I reckon I'd be a good shot! I get the loo without touching the sides! o)

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Bikerman wrote: Jan 20, 2012
I live in England! lol Not really allowed to handle guns until we are wrestling one of a drug dealer!

Cassie_Marie013 wrote: Jan 20, 2012
you've never fired a gun? i fired my first gun when i was 12

Gary wrote: Mar 26, 2010
This one was on my list a few years ago. I was 35 and had never fired a gun. A client of mine from Kentucky found out and insisted that I go with him to the range. I fired 24 shells from a shotgun. So glad I did it, hated every minute of it and will never do it again.