Eat venison      
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Never have, looks nice... bring it on!


I DID IT! Man, it was gorgeous! I would def recommend it to any meat lover such as I! I cooked it medium, with a cheesy, peppery mash, some split peas and of course, bisto best gravy! Its very rich, so not one to have too often, but soooooooo tasty! :o)

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Bikerman wrote: Dec 31, 2011
Ok... so I'm on my way to your mum's house right now... I am going to be driving for a while as I have no idea where there is, but for venison, I'll drive all night! :o)

lizxsoftball wrote: Dec 31, 2011
If you like venison, my mom makes the best! If you have ever made chicken parm, try to cook deer tenderlion just like that. You will be in HEAVEN!