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...working on the half marathon now, but it's in progress.

Updated this to duathlon.


Ok, I updated this goal. I decided that I wanted to do something rigorous. My brother and I teamed up and decided to train and do a triathlon together. Because I've been traveling alot for work, I had to adjust myself from doing a triathlon to a duathlon. (A tri is swimming/biking/running, a duathon is running/biking/running)

Anyway, so yesterday was the day. Up at 4:30am on Sunday. Butterflies in the stomach. Picked up my brother, loaded the bikes and headed out. 30 minutes later we are at the tri/du event, big signs, "Welcome Athletes!". Very exciting.

We loaded our bikes, got our race timers, signed in. At 8:15 the first run of the duathon starts and the swimmers start.

The first run was pretty easy. The bike ride, Wow! Completely hilly course, but my goal, ...never stop. Some people couldn't take the hills and had to stop. And I'm not talking whimpy folks, these are hardcore tri/dua athletes. But I kept going, just thinking, never stop, it's not about speed, it's about never quiting.

After the 20K bike ride, it's off for a 5K run, ..again thru hills. If you haven't done a tri or dua you can't image the effect riding a bike, hard, and then running has on your legs. They are complete jelly for the run. But again, one foot in front of the other, never quit. I'd rather run slow than walk, ...anyone can walk a few miles.

Was an amazing day. Lessons learned are many. One, your body is tougher than you give it credit. It's usually your mind that wants to quit, not your body. Two, serious athletes are competitive but very positive. I've known this, but this even reinforces this. They like to help others, so if you have a fitness goal, talk to the body builder at the gym, or whoever, you may be suprised. Three, just do it. Sounds cheesy but don't think about stuff too much, or you'll miss the magic.

*** Update 2
I did my second duathon. It was longer, 2k run, 30K bike ride, 6K run. It was brutally hot the day of the event. It was in the mid 90's and there was a head advisory. Drink lots and lots of water and gatorade to prep, but it was still a serious challenge. Some folks in better shape didn't finish because of the heat and lack of shade and dehydration.

In my final 2K of the run I can upon 2 guys. Because they mark your legs with your age group I could tell they were 19 and 20. They had it and had stopped running and were content to just walk to the finish.

I decided that if I could put my 38 year old self across before these guys (who looked to be in good shape), even the better. That is how I pushed myself. I did pass a few other folks on the bike too, but all in all thats just a mental game to push yourself while in the middle of the activity.

Again, nothing builds confidence like achieving.

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