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I went SKY DIVING on 07/17/2009!!
It was great! I didn't think about the actual falling through the sky until I was standing at the open door of the airplane at 14,000 feet. By then there was nothing I could do because my instructor was ready to jump! I closed my eyes tight and we jumped. I quickly opened my eyes and realized I was free! It was the best feeling I've ever felt and I knew that we would have a safe landing so I just enjoyed floating in the air. The parachute was pulled at 6,000 feet and after a couple turns we were headed in the right direction. I raised my legs as high as I could and my instructor and I slid across the grass and laid there for a few seconds to catch (my) breath. WOW!!

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B_Rye wrote: Nov 2, 2009
You look terrified in that first pic!