Wine Taste in Napa      
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Drive the Napa wine trail and eat a great meal somewhere along the way.


COMPLETE - October 26th, 2013

This one's been on my list for 4 years! Traveled out to San Francisco to visit my friend, Dan, and his family. We left his place Saturday morning and headed north to the vineyards. We started with Domaine Chandon, known for its champagne. They gave large pours, so we needed to pull up a chair and take our time or we wouldn't make it through the day.

Next up was, Raymond Vineyards per the recommendation of our previous waitress. The pours were a bit more normal and I purchased a bottle of red blend.

We then found another winery that was having a barbeque and finally got some lunch in us. Our last stop was Castello di Amorosa, the highlight of the day! The grounds looked like they belonged in Europe... a full-on castle complete with a dungeon-type tasting room. It was a wonderful day and I'd love to go back and try some more...

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