Buy Someone's Holiday Groceries      
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I often "pay it forward" and laying out all the details here will make the experiences seem... attention seeking. Suffice it to say I LOVE surprising people in check out lines and being helpful in general.

I have been in situations where I wondered how I would cover the check I just wrote to buy groceries or medicine. Almost 100% of the time, God provided and I never forgot that - and in those instances He did not, I can honestly tell you it was because I was purchasing things I could have done without. I'm at a place in my life where this isn't much of a concern anymore. It's my turn to lighten someone else's burden. While I'm no where near wealthy, I am truly blessed - and blessings were meant to be shared, not hoarded!

I thought about doing this last year, but time got away from me (and so did the budget).


Completed! Was a nice feeling to know that someone who needed the hand actually got it!

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