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Awesome time!


jazz fest rocks dude... just awesome...

have you seen the new show on hbo called treme? The treme brass bands stopped off a the spotted cat for some afternoon drinks... but they were just drinking.
The bartender stepped behind the upright piano and just started killing it... I've never heard such a thing. I was just me and ariona and a couple of others. The dude was just killing it... amazing.

The whole frenchmans street, marigny / 7th ward is awesome.
In addition to all the little clubs you can just wander into and hear awesome music for next to nothing, they have some of the brass bands playing out in the street. This is usually like 5-15 horn blowers who just start to jam... I heard an interpretation of estelle's "american boy" that went on for a half hour, these guys would just take the beat of the song with a base drum and a tube and the rest of the brass would just trade off jamming... awesome..

Of course every restaurant is awesome, not to mention the fest itself which is awesome. Ariona even let us walk home from the fest one day (would have been a half hour wait in the cab line, so the 40 minute walk wasn't much of a difference) I walked her through treme which was totally destroyed by katrina. I wanted to stop at "dookie chase" which is a famous soul food cafe for some real southern fried chicken, but it was closed (heard it didn't really open back up after katrina.) Dookie Chase was the "nice" restaurant for black people back in the 40s-50s. People like Louis Armstrong used to have their table there. Obama apparently eats there... although i don't know when it's open. hmm ?? The neighborhood is rough..

Of course there are awesome bars every where....
The old abstinth house is famous. You can actually get abstinth now.
Here, they're prepping the green fairy. The sugar cubes are actually on fire, but the camera is cheap..

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surpra wrote: Apr 27, 2011
This is on my list!! Going this year, can't wait!! Looks so awesome