Attend a Packer game in Green Bay      
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Grew up in GB and never got it see a game at Lambeau Field


Complete! Went to the Christmas Day game at Lambeau Field against the Chicago Bears with my best friend, Erin. We purchased the tickets from a friend of mine, which were outdoor club seats. I was so excited when we got there and found our seats. The weather was in the 20's and just a tiny bit windy. We stayed warm with hot chocolate and Bailey's. So much fun!! Might have to do this again!

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JDaniels79 wrote: Dec 31, 2011
Thanks! Hope you had a food time, too :)

B_Rye wrote: Dec 31, 2011
Yep, I was there with my parents and my wife. I didn't see you, though. :)

Congratulations on your completion!

B_Rye wrote: Sep 18, 2011
I may be at that game, too! My family hasn't split up our season tickets yet!

JDaniels79 wrote: Sep 17, 2011
Thanks! I have tickets for the Christmas game against the Bears this season. I'm pretty excited!

SarahWarner3 wrote: Sep 17, 2011
i live in stevens point, wisconsin and got to go to my first game! It was a life expierance that everyone should be a part of :)