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This was one of the most terrifying and amazing experiences I've had. I'd wanted to go but never thought about when, just that it would be some point in the future. My brothers planned an impromptu trip and invited me along. It was amazing and horrifying. I wasn't nervous at all suiting up or getting in the plane but as my brothers went and it was my turn I honestly didn't know if I could. I wasn't given an option to back out. My tandem guide threw us out before I'd even had a chance to balk.

We were flying, it was incredible. It was clear so we could see everything around us for miles. We just kind of floated to the ground. I botched our landing which was hilarious to me, listen when they tell you not to pick your feet up. Fortunately I didn't break my leg. I didn't have the money for pictures or a video but I'm going again for my birthday and I will get them this time.

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