Climb an ancient pyramid      
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In August of 2003 my family and my friend's family took a trip to Mexico. We stayed just south of Cancun and travelled to see three or four ancient Mayan civilization excavations. My favorite was Chichen Itza, which is where I climbed the pyramid. It was a gorgeous and hot day. One side had a rope to assist you as you climbed and the other three sides did not. We climbed the side with the rope, because there were many steps and they were a bit narrow. At the top of the pyramid you could look down and see antlike people and other parts of excavation. There were small rooms at the top of the pyramid. Ten minutes after coming down from the pyramid, a close thunderstorm began and some people were stuck waiting it out on top of the pyramid. I am so glad we were able to hide in a temple (it was roped off, but there were tons of people taking shelter!) and take cover from the pouring monsoon of rain and flashes of lightning, although those people atop the pyramid have a better story than me now.
Unfortunately they have now closed down the pyramid at Chichen Itza to tourists for presrvation. I encourage you to put this item on your list, they go through periods of opening and closure!

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