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Everyone is always shocked when they find out I've never been...


On a band trip in May 2010. I had a blast, performing on the Parliament steps and marching in the Victoria's Day Parade.
I loved the ferry rides on the way there, and the occasional chatter of a French-speaking Canadian.
Although it was something I had never seen before, I must say the Canadian Water Ballet with their little boats was not that impressive, but maybe water ballets just aren't my thing. The shops down by the water are great places for souveniers and quick snacks. I loved petting the horses, although I couldn't afford a 50 dollar carriage ride.
One of the evenings we were there we were looking for a quick meal. After aimlessly walking around in search of the McDonalds I finally spoke loudly in exasperation, "Where is McDonalds!?!" A homeless man who had black hair longer than mine (and I'm a girl!) and reeked of pot was crossing the crosswalk in the opposite direction. "Its over there" he said, pointing in the direction that he was going. My friends and I turned around and began walking towards McDonalds. Upon our arrival at McDonalds we ordered and were waiting for our meal when we saw another homeless man. He was sitting in a chair next to the garbage can in McDonalds, sleeping, one hand in the garbage can and leaning over a foam cup half filled with water.
During free time at the end of the day we would all congregate in the field out front of Parliament and play games such as duck duck goose, and red rover. Massage trains also were not uncommon. There was something almost magical about the beautiful castle-like lit up Parliament surrounded by a dark lawn and the rest of gorgeous Victoria.

The parade was the longest and hottest parade in the history of parades. Luckily I was on a sugar high as it started or I probably wouldn't have been able to march the whole thing and still look okay. The bus home was a stinky one, but it was certainly a satisfying trip.

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