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With a nice girl would be pleasant.


It wasn't as I envisioned entirely, but I have gone to a drive-in! I would still like to go with a gal in the future, but this time it was with some really close friends in a group. Our friend who is moving has already been there and loved it, so we all decided to go to a drive-in out of town with him as one last hang out before he leaves.

When we got to the drive-in at around 7:30, they were showing a double-feature of the movie Paranorman and something else. We parked and saved a spot for our two friends who later came. We were so surprised how the sound of the movie was being transferred directly through our car speakers, but we never found out how. We ended up moving to the outside and on the hoods or roofs of the vehicles, and sharing a lot of laughs. We ended up ditching the second movie and going to Wal Mart, which was surprisingly a lot more fun. Point is... we had a great night.

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