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It was an exciting, awesome experience.
I was bit afraid at first, didn't know how painful it was going to be.
The top and bottom black lines was the most painful, I struggled a bit to keep still. Luckily that was done last, so the rest was all easy going.
I am so glad I did it! Maybe I'll even go for a second tattoo? Who knows, time will tell.

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Letitia wrote: Feb 16, 2012
I always wanted a tattoo, but could never decide what or where. This is something permanent, so the decision is important. Then finally I decided on the perfect place for it. Somewhere it won't stretch, and where I can hide it - if needs be. On my inner ankle!! Plus I did it as a memory. I did it in a different country! How cool is that!

One thing crossed off my list! COMPLETED!