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I've always tossed the idea around in my head of getting a tattoo, and now I think I've made up my mind to get one. It's going to be a Celtic Cross with a heart in the center, and flames bursting from the top of the heart. There will be a wreath of thorns in the back where the circle on the Celtic Cross is located. I want the colors to be aqua colors, the Cross itself to be blue, and the knots that make up the cross to be green.


I had an idea for a Celtic Cross, but that's all I knew, so I gave my mom, who is an artist, full creative control over the designing of the Cross in order to set it out as original and unique. I got the heart of flames and the crown of thorns ideas from looking at one of the shirts I own, which has a flaming heart surrounded by the crown of thorns on the shirt pocket. I've always liked the design off that shirt, so I used the idea of it for my tattoo and might I say, it came out wonderfully. The tattoo, in a simple phrase, basically means my heart's on fire for Jesus. Check it out!

The second tattoo I got is the logo for my band, The Pine Box Dwellers. Frontman Sean Clark designed it when he was only sixteen.

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