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redman's Reaperlist
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updated: Dec 12, 2014

Montana United States

Attend each of the top 10 zoo's in the world
These include:

Basal Zoo, Switzerland
Beauval Zoo, France
Berlin Zoological Garden, Germany
Bronx Zoo, New York
Chester Zoo, England
National Zoological Gardens of South Africa,....
SilverBlaze85's Reaperlist
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updated: Dec 17, 2009

Ohio United States

Visit iconic locations of WWII
Pearl Harbor/USS Arizona Memorial, Hawaii
Auschwitz Concentration Camp, Poland
Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Location, Japan
Beaches of Normandy D-Day Invasion, France
Anne Frank's House, Amsterdam....


Anne Frank's House - July 2009
Beaches of Normandy - July 2009
Nagasakii Atomic Bomb Location - June 2008
Churchill War Rooms - July 2006
smokeyjeau's Reaperlist
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updated: Apr 18, 2010

Kentucky United States

See all of the Seven Wonders of the World
Great Wall of China - China
Petra - Jordan
Christ the Redeemer - Brazil
Machu Picchu - Peru
Chichen Itza - Mexico
Roman Colosseum - Italy
Taj Mahal - India

Channel Tunnel
slim's Reaperlist
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updated: Jun 16, 2010

Iowa United States

See even more places
* Great Barrier Reef
* Harbour of Rio de Janeiro
* Mount Everest
* Aurora
* Parícutin volcano
* Victoria Falls

Galápagos Islands
slim's Reaperlist
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updated: Jun 16, 2010

Iowa United States

Join the Century Club
Follow my blog at .Visit at least 100 countries before I die. So far I'm at 31
(Mexico, Barbados, Cayman Islands, Jamaica, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, France, Netherlands, Germany,....
ambrai5's Reaperlist
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updated: Jan 3, 2012

Alabama United States

Visit all 6 populated continents before I turn 26
N. America, Europe, South America, Asia and Australia down. Only Africa is left to go!

My list of countries visited:
divertida9's Reaperlist
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updated: Jan 26, 2009

Washington United States

ride the 10 fastest rollar costers in the world
1. Formula Rossa- Abu Dhabi
2. Kingda Ka- New Jersey
3. Top Trill Dragster- Ohio
4. Dodonpa- Japan
5. Tower of Terror- Austraila
5. Superman- Cali
6. Speed Dragon- Japan
7. Intimidator....
taylerrae's Reaperlist
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updated: Mar 24, 2011

Minnesota United States

visit the new 7 wonders of the world
1.The Pyramid at Chichén Itzá Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico
2.The Statue of Christ Redeemer, Brazil
3.The Great Wall of China
4.The Roman Colosseum Rome, Italy
5.Machu Picchu, Peru
6.Taj Mahal,....
jeveg's Reaperlist
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updated: Oct 21, 2008

Alabama United States

Home Exchange
I would like to do a home exchange with someone from New York city, San Francisco or Europe. We have friends that did an exchange to England and loved the experience. They traded homes for a week and....
angelaharle's Reaperlist
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updated: Feb 1, 2008

Wisconsin United States

Visit Archaeology Sites WorldWide
Visit Petra in Western Jordan

We rode horses into "The Treasury" just like Indiana Jones as filmed in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Petra has so much more than just the the one site. Plan a whole day there if possible. There....
packerbabe's Reaperlist
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updated: Feb 23, 2009

Wisconsin United States

I am starting a journey with my nephew, at this point he is the only person who knows what is going on with me. He and I are going to travel to places that his mother and I were living when we were children.....

Cam and I are still planning the trip, he's spending some time with his friends who are all leaving for college, military and off to the 4 corners of the world.
JimJohnson1957's Reaperlist
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updated: Jul 23, 2009

Tennessee United States

Travel around the world
We have seen our fair share of the world...but there is still a lot more to see.

United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia,....

brymer's Reaperlist
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updated: Jun 27, 2008

Travel the World
Can´t name all the countries I long to see. I have traveled a lot in Europe and next year I´m going to New Zealand, Australia and South east Asia.

Hmm 40% completion....
I have now been to Fiji, New Zealand, Australia and a few countries in South-East Asia.
I love traveling and after my last trip which lasted 16 weeks I am inspired to see....
chippie's Reaperlist
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updated: Jul 5, 2011


Teach in another country
I had the opportunity to go to another country as part of a missionary teaching team. Glad to say I took advantage of it.

I did this when I was 16 years old. I went to Jamaica for a month and taught kids music and art classes with an international missionary group. It was one of the most profound experiences and stretched....
samskrit's Reaperlist
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updated: Jun 21, 2010

Florida United States

danced with a stranger in a foreign country
this is on our list for pure entertainment.

i did it at a Pearl Jam concert in Ireland.
there was a woman there from Indiana, ended up dancing for hours with her,
very amusing !
at the end of the night, we said our goodbyes and left,
DanceWithMe's Reaperlist
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updated: Jul 5, 2008

United Kingdom

do mission work in a foreign country

Lianne's Reaperlist
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updated: Mar 5, 2018

Washington United States

visit a plethra of foreign countries

Germany, France, USA, Spain, Italy, Corsica, Belguim, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Hungary, Croatia, Greece, Turkey, Vatican, and Luxembourg, Guam, Thailand, Japan...
taylerrae's Reaperlist
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updated: Aug 10, 2015

Minnesota United States

Already completed:

This was stuff on my reaperlist from before I got this account that I completed:
Go to Europe
Visit Paris
See The Louvre
Visit Italy
Visit London
See the Vatican
Learn the piano
sarahlizz3's Reaperlist
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updated: May 16, 2011

Michigan United States

Work and Live in a Foreign Country

When I finished college I desperately wanted to travel, had no money and limited skills. What I could do was tend bar. I got working papers through a company affiliated to the University and landed....
Gary's Reaperlist
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updated: Apr 18, 2010

Georgia United States

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