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Fly International

I flew on a plane for the first time and flew international the first time in 2009 on my trip to Germany. It was a very strange feeling the first time the plane took off but after several plane changes....
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updated: Jan 12, 2010

Alabama United States

Everything life can offer!
I am not sure I want to comment on such at this peculiar time in my life, but the following is a list of things accomplished and done so far... what the future holds I wait in anticipation especially....
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updated: Jun 24, 2010

Florida United States

Concertize and teach in every continent of the world.
Since I've only concertized in North America and Europe, that leaves a few continents to go. Next year I hope to travel and perform in South America (without getting Montezuma's Revenge.) Also working....
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updated: Oct 6, 2009

Travel Abroad
-England: London (done! 2005), Stonehenge (done! 2005), Bath (done! 2005), Greenwich (done! 2005), Northern England
-France: Paris (done! 2005), Nice, Louvre
-Switzerland: (research family history)
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updated: Sep 3, 2008

Mission Service
One of my friends has been in Haiti for 5 months now doing mission work. I have always wanted to do something like this and give back and help wherever it is needed. Ever since the earthquake happened....
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updated: Jan 18, 2010

Illinois United States

Great Wall of China, Opera House in Australia, Big Ben & the real London Bridge, Ocktoberfest, swim with the dolphins, see the sphinx & the great pyramids, go white water rafting, go on an African safari,....
hydeparkmac's Reaperlist
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updated: Feb 4, 2010

Massachusetts United States

Go on a World Tour
Ah, a World Tour, the word itself makes me so very exited, How is the world beyond India? How are the people? How is their culture? What all are the places of interest? The questions do not stop, neither....
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updated: Jan 27, 2009


Visit all 7 continents
So far I've only got North America down, so this is going to take a while... Antarctica is going to be pretty difficult, but I think I can manage. I'm allergic to the cold which means I get hives that....
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updated: Jan 15, 2010

Illinois United States

Sleep in a Castle

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updated: Jul 12, 2010

Georgia United States

Scuba dive the Carribean, Madagascar and the South Pacific
Although I learned to scuba dive here in the PNW, diving in Australia spoiled me for cold water diving. The warmth of the water, the visibility, the wildlife are all beyond compare. Cancun, Turks/Caicos,....
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updated: May 16, 2010

Washington United States

Travel Internationally
And yes, TECHNICALLY, I have. But really, i was only fifteen minutes into Canada and, no offense Canadians, but it just didn't feel like it counted since I just had to drive across a bridge to get there.....
texas_ashley's Reaperlist
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updated: Sep 29, 2009

Texas United States

Set foot on every continent
The idea is to set foot on everyone continent within 1 year. Not that quantity trumps quality, but that there is something to be gained by seeing the contrasts of each place, without a gap of years between....
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updated: Jul 20, 2009

Michigan United States

Attend each of the top 10 zoo's in the world
Basal Zoo, Switzerland
Beauval Zoo, France
Berlin Zoological Garden, Germany
Bronx Zoo, New York
Chester Zoo, England
National Zoological Gardens of South Africa, Africa
San Diego Zoo,....
jay_mee_lou's Reaperlist
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updated: Aug 17, 2010

California United States

visit the amount of countries I have coins from and more (30)
South Africa
United Kingdom
MegaTigerRawr's Reaperlist
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updated: Feb 7, 2011

Vermont United States

travel to multiple locations
I want to:
- be in D.C. on Independence Day
- be in NYC on New Year's Eve
- snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef
- visit the Ellen show in L.A.
- travel to Italy, Greece, Paris & Australia
csifanatic's Reaperlist
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updated: Feb 16, 2009

Ohio United States

Travel to Every Continent
I've never left North America. I googled to see what continent Mexico and the Dominican Republic were part of, and it's still N.America! I have a lot of traveling to do!

North America - I live....
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updated: Jan 10, 2009

Ontario Canada

Live abroad for a year
I've lived in Rome for 2 months. I have also travelled around Japan for 2 months, backpacked around Europe for 3 months, travelled in France and Italy for a month but I haven't lived and worked in a foreign....
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updated: May 12, 2008

Visit the 7 Continents of the World
Asia- South East Asia, Japan, Nepal, India etc.
Oceania- New Zealand
North America- New York, Las Vegas, Nevada Mexico, etc.
South America- Peru, Brazil, etc
Antartica- see penguins & take....
victoriaclough's Reaperlist
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updated: Jun 9, 2008

New York United States

Set foot on each of the seven continents.
Once I do this I can truely call my self a World Traveler. It will be an awesome experience to tell my family and just to have as spmething to think about. LIKE HOW MANY PEOPLE CAN SAY THATS THEY HAVE....
Emma G.'s Reaperlist
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updated: Jul 24, 2009

Tennessee United States

Stand at the North or South Pole
OOMMGG!!! It would be like my life is complete (but not really) I would want to do this ALONE with just myself, me, and I. I want to see the sunset there and just to be proven that the World is still....
Emma G.'s Reaperlist
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updated: Jul 24, 2009

Tennessee United States

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