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high school reunion
cant wait to see those ppl again (:

sydney g and sydney l
zach n
chris p
kevin n
brian s
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updated: Mar 15, 2010

Illinois United States

Teach For At Least One Year
I've always wanted to be a teacher, but decided to become a Nurse instead. Hopefully one day I will teach nursing, or at least teach something, somewhere for one year.
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updated: Jan 7, 2009

Ontario Canada

go back to night classes and do something interesting
ok have a list here.....
social care
acrylic nails
book keeping

will no doubt add to this
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updated: Mar 1, 2008

United Kingdom

See my sons graduate school
I want to see both my sons graduate high school then college. I might be poor and in debt but it'll be worth the extra sleep and peaceful rest in the long run
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updated: Jan 14, 2009

Florida United States

Get my Phd in Psychology
Enrolling this fall 2009 graduation date 2011! I never thought I would capable of finishing my masters.......I finished last week, I'm not stopping there.
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updated: Jul 12, 2009

North Carolina United States

Get an MD
I want to become a forensic pathologist and perform autopsies, specifically for law enforcement to be sort of a final advocate for the wrongfully killed.
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updated: Feb 13, 2009

Alabama United States

Get in to BYU Idaho
Tons of friends there, I LOVE Rexburg, and the music program is said to be amazing. I'm not worried about tuition as much as the audition, though...
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updated: Oct 6, 2009

Washington United States

Get my MBA
According to Randi: "A bachelor's degree means nothing nowadays." Uhhh you are an AGM of a casino and you have jack in the Master's department
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updated: May 4, 2011

New Jersey United States

Get a PhD in Psychology
Get this degree at BYU - I would like to try and get both the bachelors and the PhD in psychology there but if not anything the PhD at least.
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updated: Mar 26, 2009

Arizona United States

Leer la tesis
A finales de junio o en julio tengo que haber leido la tesis sí o sí.
Mucho ánimo para conseguirlo. Es un deseo largamente acariciado.
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updated: Apr 26, 2012


Get out of high school!!!
Fnish high school and get a diploma before I am 30 ( am a procrastinator!!!!!!!!) We would not use algebra in life any ways...right?????
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updated: Jun 3, 2011

Georgia United States

teach second graders because they're adorable!! I want to be the teacher that instills a real love for learning in my students
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updated: Feb 16, 2009

Ohio United States

Graduate with my B.A
Obtaining my B.A. in Family and Consumer Sciences with Elementary Education licensing/major and a minor in history in May 2011
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updated: Aug 28, 2009

Virginia United States

Go back to college
After I graduate with my teaching degree I plan on going back to get my elementary counseling degree and further my eduation.
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updated: Sep 28, 2008

Nebraska United States

Get An Undergraduate Degree
I would like to get an undergraduate degree in Nursing (BScN), currently plan to achieve this in 2012 from Trent University.
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updated: Feb 23, 2009

Ontario Canada

Nursing school
this is a really going to be hard I am wanting to base my life on this life style of helping people to the best of my doing
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updated: Apr 13, 2010

New Mexico United States

Finish my Bachelors degree in Nursing and Social Work
I am attending MSU , double major, and will hopefully graduate in 1020.
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updated: Feb 1, 2008

West Virginia United States

Watch a student win a Pulitzer Prize
Time for one of my kids to write the Great American Novel....Julian Vaca or Ashley Porter. My bet is on you guys.
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updated: Aug 20, 2016

Tennessee United States

Get a culinary degree
Even though I'm majoring in biology and plan to become a doctor, I would like to get a culinary degree eventually
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updated: Jul 22, 2009

Arkansas United States

Pass gr. 12 and attend Uni
Pass the grade 12 final exams with an A-Aggregate and get accepted at University. (I only have one shot at this)
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updated: Nov 1, 2009

South Africa

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