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Backpack through Europe


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Jaynice's Reaperlist
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updated: Oct 14, 2016

New York United States

Travel Europe!/album.php?aid=320708&id=686745569&op=6

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My friend Emily and I went in September 2009.

7 countries in 11 days.

London, England
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Munich, Germany for Oktoberfest
Venice, Italy
Innsbruck, Austria
dwsnap's Reaperlist
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updated: Mar 31, 2010

Minnesota United States

Complete the Da Vinci Code Quest
... to see if I can crack the code.

Having been inspired by the film, I wanted to go on a quest of my own. So, over a number of different trips, I completed visiting numerous landmarks which feature within the film.

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heade's Reaperlist
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updated: Jan 3, 2014

United Kingdom

Snowboard on the Alps

Aplatt00's Reaperlist
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updated: May 23, 2013

Montana United States

Bicycle across Europe

Completed in 1996 w/ on of my best friends. Ireland, England, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Monaco, Italy, and technically...the vatican is considered a country, right? We had an insanely....
ffpjlw's Reaperlist
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updated: Oct 11, 2010

Oklahoma United States

Backpack across Europe

I did a whirlwind tour of Europe when I was in college with a friend for just 2 weeks. All we had were our packs, a rail pass and very little money. My friend had her pack stolen on our second night (avoid....
bexxy's Reaperlist
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updated: Jul 5, 2009

Colorado United States

Take a backpacking trip through parts of europe

June of 2008...Austria, Germany, Czech Republic. The most exhausting and most interesting trip I've ever taken. Prague was incredible (scary at times but incredible just the same). Vienna, Salzburg,....
Dearabby1970's Reaperlist
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updated: Jan 27, 2009

Ontario Canada

Backpack through Europe
I have this huge backpack that just might get me through Europe. Would love to camp out in a castle in Ireland, take a cooking class in Italy, stop by The Czech Republic and hear the telling of the tale....
msyvonne's Reaperlist
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updated: Mar 30, 2009

Travel Europe
i did spend time in Europe many years ago. I would like to go back to the places I did visit to see the changes and maybe appreciate the beauty a little more. I also have many countries I haven't seen....
mamamom's Reaperlist
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updated: May 23, 2010

Utah United States

Eurotrip with my American friends!!
I live in norway not fare from central Europ, but this year im a forgin exchange student in texas, america! (best decision I ever made!!) and all my new friends here are GREATE!! so next year they are....
norwegian*teen's Reaperlist
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updated: Mar 1, 2010


Visit Europe & other places in USA
I want to visit London, Ireland, Paris France, San Francisco, Catalina Island California. / I have been to Los Angeles, Miami, Bahamas, New York, Chicago, Orlando Florida, North Dakota, Wyoming, New....
msconcierge's Reaperlist
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updated: Jan 6, 2010

Texas United States

Touch the Mediterranean

Lianne's Reaperlist
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updated: Mar 5, 2018

Washington United States

Already completed:

This was stuff on my reaperlist from before I got this account that I completed:
Go to Europe
Visit Paris
See The Louvre
Visit Italy
Visit London
See the Vatican
Learn the piano
sarahlizz3's Reaperlist
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updated: May 16, 2011

Michigan United States

Explore Europe
United Kingdom
Czech Republic
Kimmy444's Reaperlist
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updated: Sep 6, 2011

California United States

Backpack through Europe
Didn't do it my youth, and have always regretted it ... seriously would like to spend at least 3 months, preferably 6 months, without any concrete plans and just work my way country by country through....
sopranotee's Reaperlist
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updated: Feb 9, 2011

Colorado United States

Sail the Mediterranean
I've talked with my wife about taking 6 months off and sailing around the Mediterranean. We've sailed here and there through Sunsail charters (French Riviera, Corsica, Croatia), but we've only just scratched....
B_Rye's Reaperlist
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updated: Mar 15, 2008

Wisconsin United States

Travel Around the World
Well not necessarily "around" the world but I'd like to hit up some key spots before I check out. These locations include: England, Ireland, Italy, France, and Egypt. Hopefully I can make this happen....
pphillips's Reaperlist
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updated: Mar 30, 2009

Travel Europe
I'm lucky to have grown up as a military kid becuase I was able to visit most of western europe.

I've lived in Stuttgart, Germany and Brunssum, The Netherlands. I've visited Spain, England, France, Belgium, Luxemburg, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Vatican City, and Poland.
anniecakes's Reaperlist
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updated: Oct 18, 2009

New York United States

Travel: Eastern Europe
See all the major sights at least!

May - June 2008 Traveled almost all of Eastern Europe. London, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Heidelberg, Lucerne, Venice, Verona, Rome, Flourence, Cannes, Avignon, Barcelona, Madrid.
brokenfallacy's Reaperlist
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updated: Mar 30, 2009

Massachusetts United States

Backpack through Europe

Summer 2009 with Kathleen: Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Netherlands, UK, Ireland.
amandaca's Reaperlist
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updated: Nov 21, 2011

Pennsylvania United States

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