better relationship with my mom
she and i have never got along and my goal in life is to make a better relationship so that i dont live my life and regret not having a relationship.. you only get one mommy
catherine.j's Reaperlist
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updated: Apr 11, 2013

Montana United States

I need a few of these and I cant wait. i hope I have all girls...i would rock that until they bring home boyfriends then im going to go do yardwork. Wife can deal with that.
wohlerjdw's Reaperlist
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updated: Oct 18, 2009

New York United States

Uncover the mystery of YRF
A man used to send my mother money in an envelope that was signed is believe in my family that it stands for Your Real Father. I doubt we'll ever know now though...
ckay2525's Reaperlist
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updated: Oct 7, 2008

Texas United States

Raise happy kids
Wow. This one is tough. Raise happy well adjusted child that can make decisions when I'm not there that I would agree with if I was. Yeah, that's more like it. : 0 )
Tiesia's Reaperlist
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updated: Jun 5, 2009

Tennessee United States

take my boys to the Gettysburg battle field
Every year they have a HUGE reenactment of the Gettysburg battle. I went with my dad when I was younger and I still remember it. It would be cool to share with my boys.
MacsMom's Reaperlist
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updated: Jun 15, 2010

Pennsylvania United States

Buy my parents two tickets to Hawaii whether they go or not
My Mom has been wanting to go to Hawaii her WHOLE life. She's 63. I say, "Where there's a will there's a way". I'll make a way for her, but she has to have the will.
sang23's Reaperlist
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updated: Feb 29, 2012

California United States

Attend Grand-daughter's wedding
I want to grow old slowly, retain my health so I can be at my granddaughter's wedding. She is only five years old just now, and I am 65, so this may be a "big ask" !
whitethornmorris's Reaperlist
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updated: Jul 6, 2011

United Kingdom

Hike into a remote area with my son to camp for a few days
We love the outdoors and love camping. We have yet to hike in and camp out together. I think it would teach really great life skills. Im excited to do this with him
Cordovamama's Reaperlist
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updated: May 14, 2010

Oregon United States

Have babies!
Lots of happy, healthy, well behaved, intelligent, well spoken, polite, super attractive kids that can't wait to make millions and help their parents retire by 50.
KittenandMonkey's Reaperlist
reader comments
updated: Jan 3, 2011

Ohio United States

Adopt a child
Sure I would love to have my own children... eventually. However, there is the issue of many orphans all over the world. Helping just one would save one more life.
KissingDaisies's Reaperlist
reader comments
updated: Aug 5, 2009

Alberta Canada

Buy all of my family something nice before I leave
Something that shows I did care that when they miss me, if they do, they can look at it, remember me, and even remember to contact me every once in a while maybe.
duckysuavems's Reaperlist
reader comments
updated: Oct 20, 2010

Oregon United States

Have one baby girl before I'm 35 and another before I'm 37
Now I'm fully convinced, for a woman to be completely whole, she has to create life. I would love to have my babies inside a stable relationship, ideally married.
catherina's Reaperlist
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updated: Feb 7, 2009


Visit my family heritage in Poland
Finally get to use the polish words my Babcia taught me. I also want to visit Aushwitz, it'll be emotionally draining but I feel I owe it to my Polish ancestors.
jmbanke2's Reaperlist
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updated: Jul 11, 2009

North Carolina United States

Meet my birthmother.
I was adopted, and I don't want to go my whole life not knowing where I came from. I want to know what she is like and if there is any resemblance between us.
musical.kayla16's Reaperlist
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updated: Jan 29, 2010

Ontario Canada

See my sons graduate school
I want to see both my sons graduate high school then college. I might be poor and in debt but it'll be worth the extra sleep and peaceful rest in the long run
Hobo's Reaperlist
reader comments
updated: Jan 14, 2009

Florida United States

visit my sons in fla.
I would like very much to be able to spend time w three sons that I haven't seen in 10 years.I don't have the means to get there.I have a year so they say.
mike51's Reaperlist
reader comments
updated: Sep 30, 2012

Pennsylvania United States

See my children as happy adults
Once I have the opportunity to see all 3 of my children as happy, successful, content, & good adults, I will know my job & mission here has been fulfilled.
VegasPunkerMom's Reaperlist
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updated: Jul 15, 2009

Nevada United States

Be Super mom to my kids
I want to the kind of mother to my kids that my mom was to me....loving, secret keeper, crazy as hell, and yet someone they know is always there for them.
mabreya's Reaperlist
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updated: Jun 30, 2010

Georgia United States

Take my neice/nephew to South America
If I'm not going to have kids of my own, I had better work hard to make sure my sisters' children receive the best cultural education that is possible.
nanj's Reaperlist
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updated: Jul 8, 2009

California United States

Have Children
I don't want to miss out on one of the joys of life...seeing yourself and all that you love and hold dear making strides within the next generation.
PhaedraMac's Reaperlist
reader comments
updated: Jan 20, 2010

Ohio United States

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