Adding images to your profile

To add images to your image collection:
  • Be sure you are logged in
  • At the top of the "My Reaperlist" page, click on "upload images."
  • On the "Upload Images" page, click on the "choose file" button. Find the image file on your local computer. Image files MUST be jpeg (.jpg, .jpeg, or .jpe) files.
  • Click the upload button. Be warned! Large image files may take a long time to upload.
  • Your image will appear in your current collection.

To put your images into your lists:
  • On the "My Reaperlist" page, click on "edit" next to one of your current activities.
  • Position the cursor where you want the image in your description or your completion story.
  • Click the "add image" link and select your image.
  • Click the "submit" button. Your image should now appear in your activity.