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Be the CEO
I would like to eventually become the CEO of TASC in Madision, WI. TASC is Total Administrative Services Corporation, provide employee benefits for small family sized businesses.read full text »
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updated: Jul 7, 2008
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I would like to find a non-profit organization that is local that helps kids with no toys. I know tons of people including ourselves that have closest full of toys that our kids have outgrown. You can....
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updated: Apr 28, 2009
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Crunchy Bread wrote: Feb 11, 2009
In my town, the YWCA is a major resource for women and children with needs. You're right -- they're always looking for donations, and good toys are especially hard to find.

If you were to round up just the toys you and your friend's kids don't play with anymore and bring it down, I'm sure they'd feel like they got a windfall!

Club Volleyball Team
Would like to get a local (Madison area) volleyball team put together. Men's 6's, power league.
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updated: Oct 6, 2009
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Sports Events
I would like to go to the Super Bowl, ProBowl, NBA championship, All Star game, Olympics. I think it would be great to witness any/all of these things at some point in my life.
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updated: Aug 29, 2008
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